Customised solution BetaLUXX for technical room lighting

Aug 23, 2018

For more light in a dark cellar

Perfect illumination of the technical area in the cellar of the detached house

Initial situation

The customer wants a lighting solution to be mounted as easily and energy-saving as possible for his technical room and workshop. In addition, the lamp must stand out for a good light distribution. With its perfect illumination, the installation clips and the robust construction the BetaLUXX meets all requirements. On account of the pluggable version, the installation time could be optimised.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Detached house
  • Requirement: Room lighting (private cellar / technical room)
  • Solution: BetaLUXX
  • Item no.: 860628
  • Quantity: 5

Customer benefits

  • high efficiency and uniformity of illuminance
  • robust
  • power-saving (low power / energy consumption with high light power
  • staidurcnless spring steel (1.4301) mounting bracket
  • pluggable
  • with feed-through wiring

Areas of application

  • cellar
  • vehicle halls
  • workshops
  • store
  • outside area
  • industrial halls


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