Customised solution CAMPETTO 4 at the new Oodi Central Library in Helsinki, Finland

Aug 8, 2019

A perfect combination of design and functionality

Design meets function

Initial situation

City of Helsinki was looking for „invisible“ power distributors for integration in 5 benches in front of the new Oodi Central Library (Kansalaistori, Helsinki).
The CAMPETTO 4 underfloor distributor are almost invisible when not in use thanks to its fillable lid. When plugged-in, the cables can be brought out through the cable outlet and the lid can be closed again. This has the positive side effect that the temporary installation is protected from vandalism.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: City of Helsinki
  • Requirement: hidden power distributors for events
  • Solution: CAMPETTO 4 underfloor power distributors integrated in benches
  • Quantity: 5

Customer benefits

  • electrical power is available anytime and in seconds
  • no power cable lying around, therefore no stumbling danger
  • temporary installations are no longer needed
  • protection against vandalism thanks to lockable cover
  • almost invisible when not in use
  • maintenance-free and no operating costs

Areas of application

  • events
  • marketplaces
  • pedestrian zones
  • sport and leisure centres