Customised solution CircLED organises the traffic between cyclists and pedestrians

Apr 30, 2018

CircLED organises the traffic between cyclists and pedestrians

By using the CircLED signal lamps at the bus stop on Hardbrücke in Zurich, the pedestrians no longer get muddled up with the cyclists.

Initial situation

The bus stop on the Hardbrücke in Zurich has always been a difficult point with respect to safety. Cyclists and pedestrians got in muddle frequently as there was no clear traffic management. 

This problem could be solved by means of CircLED. As soon as a bus arrives, the signal units light up in orange stopping the cyclists. Thus, the pedestrians can board the bus safely. When the bus leaves again, the signal lamps are no longer lit in orange, and the cyclist may continue to ride their bike.

General information

  • Customer / Installation engineer: Zurich City / Kummler + Matter AG
  • Requirement: Traffic management between cyclists and commuters
  • Solution: CircLED white/orange
  • Quantity: 180

Customer benefits

  • visible signal units during the day as well.
  • increases the safety between pedestrians and cyclists
  • high energy efficiency thanks to latest LED technology
  • upper part made of stainless steel
  • the brightness of the light modules is easily adjustable by the control unit 

Areas of application

  • Railway station
  • garage entrances
  • roundabouts 


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