Customised solution DeltaLUXX in the test gallery

Apr 23, 2020

The mechanical properties and light efficiency were convincing

Fluorescent lamps replaced by LED spotlights

Initial situation

The basic lighting, which was largely provided by fluorescent lamps, will be replaced by LED spotlights. Particular emphasis was also placed on the light efficiency and the characteristics of the luminaire.

The DeltaLUXX spoke for itself thanks to excellent mechanical properties and a luminous flux of >32'000 lm. The effect was demonstrated to the customer beforehand in the best possible way by means of Relux calculations and the provision of samples on site.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Hagerbach test gallery
  • Requirement: replacing old fluorescent lamps with LED spotlights
  • Solution: DeltaLUXX
  • Quantity: 16

Hagerbach test gallery

The large number of galleries, caverns, test beds, laboratories and training rooms provides ideal conditions for research, development, inspection, 1:1 tests and all kinds of events. A fantastic set-up which is second to none. Specialists from all over the world use our environment as a training camp and research laboratory. We work on in-house developments as well as on behalf of and in collaboration with companies, associations and research institutes.

Areas of application

  • ndustrial halls
  • workshops
  • forecourts