Customised solution Facade lighting with VisuLED

Dec 12, 2016

Perfectly staged

Looking good doesn't have to be complicated. Accordingly, Jura AG was quickly given a new appearance.

Initial situation

The effect lighting of the Jura AG company building is ensured by a VisuLED HOME installation. The modern LED spotlight can be directly recessed into the ground and therefore hides perfectly into the environment. There is no risk of water damage because of the high degree of protection (IP68), ensuring a long service life. Thanks to the plug-in connection concept the VisuLED HOME is quick and easy to install.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Jura Elektroapparate AG Niederbuchsiten
  • Requirement: Replace existing lights with new LEDs for optimal and attractive facade illumination
  • Solution: VisuLED Home
  • Item no.: 860104
  • Quantity: 24

Customer benefits

  • simple installation with cable system
  • the VisuLED HOME could be set into the existing pipes
  • high protection class (IP68)
  • long service life
  • extremely bright illumination from relatively small lights
  • no additional repair costs

Areas of application

  • Facades


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