News GIFAS NEWS no. 12

Oct 25, 2018


Please follow us on a small yourney into the past, and see the changes and developments from yore to today.

Thank you for forty years of GIFAS

Proudly we look back to our achievements in the forty years of GIFAS. However, we cannot claim this to be our merit alone, obviously. Our thanks primarily go to our business partners, who had confidence in us, with whom we have enjoyed a good relationship for many years. Thanks and appreciation are due also to our staff who are motivated every day to get involved for GIFAS ELECTRIC.

At his birthday, there is also something to look forward to.

We will meet approaching challenges by innovations, new ideas, and will continuously improve our processes for customer-oriented product solutions.

GIFAS is and will remain a reliable partner - because we combine quality with system.

In the new issue of GIFAS NEWS, we will describe current solutions for projects in the systems, power, and illuminations fields, providing also a review of forty years of GIFAS Switzerland.