Customised solution High light output without blinding the players

Jun 16, 2021

Tennis court lighting with the HPL 900 W

Bright illumination allows late practice sessions

Initial situation

The existing tennis court lighting needed to be replaced. The customer wanted better lighting with less power consumption, in order to provide a higher level of illumination and prevent the players from being blinded.

The HPL 900 W spotlight enabled us to achieve perfect uniformity, save on electricity costs and as requested, also significantly increase the light output. The mounting height (12 m poles) and the perfectly adjusted modular luminaires ensure that players are not blinded. 

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Tennis court of TC Raiffeisen Schwaz, Austria
  • Requirement: Replacement of the existing lighting
  • Solution: HPL 900 W
  • Article: 860844
  • Quantity: 10

Customer benefits

  • complies with all the standards and regulations for tennis competitions
  • immediate full luminous flux
  • low power consumption at very high light efficiency
  • minimal temperatures development
  • large operating temperature range: –40° C to +50° C
  • no UV/IR radiation
  • insensible against shocks and vibrations

Areas of application

  • sports facilities
  • crane lighting
  • ski slope lighting
  • industry
  • construction industry ...


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