Customised solution Lane illumination with TrafficLED

Oct 29, 2020

GIFAS also active in Denmark

Regulated cycle traffic thanks to lane marking

Initial situation

As a result of the new construction of the „Cityringen M3“ underground line at Frederiksberg railway station in Denmark, the existing cycle route guidance system was replaced by the TrafficLED from GIFAS.

Cycle lane separation and illumination were the requirements for the new lighting.

Cycle traffic is regulated and accidents can be avoided thanks to clearly defined lane marking. Apart from increased safety, the installation also has a decorative effect.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Municipality of Frederiksberg in DK
  • Requirement: Replacement of existing guidance lighting for the cycle route
  • Solution: Separation of traffic / guidance lighting for the cycle route
  • Quantity: 130 pieces

Customer benefits

  • resistant to sand, snow spikes and chains, street cleaning
  • waterproof, frostproof, and resistant to UV sunlight / chemicals / oil and road salt
  • very good visibility in the dark, wet, and snow
  • electronics completely encapsulated
  • control by push button, radar sensor, loop, vibration plate, or timer switch

Areas of application

  • streets
  • squares
  • entry zones of tunnels
  • pedestrian crossing
  • roundabout lighting