Customised solution LaneLED INOX42 at Château d‘Hauteville station

Jul 6, 2020

Dimmable handrail lighting

A perfect combination of fall protection and illumination

Initial situation

Château d’Hauteville station in the hills above Vevey has been completely refurbished. Good illumination of the ramp and the platform and fall protection had to be provided. This was complicated by the extremely uneven surface.

The requirement for safety is fulfilled perfectly with the bright LaneLED INOX 42 system. To prevent the disturbance of animals and neighbours it was decided to go for a dimmable execution. The LED handrail was mounted on a custom-made railing and the danger of falling was eliminated by the wire mesh.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: MOB / GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH
  • Requirement: Station lighting
  • Solution: LaneLED INOX 42 on a custom-made railing with wire mesh
  • Quantity: 67 handrail post and 85 m hand rail

Customer benefits

  • fall protection
  • attractive accent lighting
  • solid stainless steel execution in V4A
  • durable high-quality component parts 
  • maintenance- and service-friendly

Areas of application

  • Terrace railing
  • underpasses and overpasses in railway stations
  • escape route and emergency staircases
  • decorative applications in office or exhibition wings
  • hotels and restaurants
  • staircases
  • private and public pathways