Customised solution LineLED2 Drinks manufacturer

Jun 16, 2017

Hall lighting for dirty rooms

Whether in wet areas or firetraps, LineLED2 is the ideal lighting for challenging environments.

Initial situation

Up until now, diverse lighting systems had been used in various rooms. The customer requested a lighting system that could be used in all rooms and facilities as well as provide an improved light output and energy-saving potential of a minimum of 20%. Many rooms have a high level of flame resistance, or a high-pressure cleaning system must be used. A high level of IP protection was mandatory.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Drinks manufacturer - Brüttisellen (ZH)
  • Requirement: Replacement: FL wet environment lamp 2x 58 W / energy-saving potential of a minimum of 20 % and improved light output
  • Solution: LineLED 2, light output of 95 lm/W – light current of 6'175 lm, flexible and quick installation via mounting clips
  • Item no.: LineLED2 65W
  • Quantity: 99

Customer benefits

The LineLED2 ceiling light is equipped with an LED and consequently fulfils the demands for an improved light output and energy-saving potential of a minimum of 20 %. The satined enclosure reduces the glare effect and ensures that the light distribution is highly consistent. The supplied mounting clips simplify the installation and replacement of lights. With its protection class of IP66, the LineLED2 also scores highly as a product for application areas ranging from the bottle washing and filling facilities right through to the stairwell and underground car park.

Areas of application

  • filling and washing facilities for beverage containers
  • stairwell (escape route)
  • underground car park
  • utility and storage area


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