Customised solution LineLED2

Apr 4, 2017

Bright work light for daily use

Industrial lighting requires a higher rated enclosure type and must deliver energy-saving, professional lighting performance.

Initial situation

Waste incineration plants require a targeted light beam to ensure that the areas close to the machines are optimally and evenly illuminated. Machine operators must not be dazzled by the light; the satined cover helps to minimise the glare effect of the LineLED2.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Saidef SA Fribourg / Groupe E Connect SA
  • Requirement: 
  • Solution: LineLED2 65W and 40W
  • Item no.: 800018 and 800016
  • Quantity: 41 and 4

Customer benefits

  • strong light output with low energy costs
  • dimmable
  • compact and modern design
  • no maintenance required

Areas of application

  • Waste incineration plant
  • workshop
  • industrial hall
  • warehouse etc.


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