Products MarkLED EXIT - 2 in 1

Jun 27, 2019

The MarkLED EXIT combines two tunnel safety lighting systems

After 46 years of operation, the Allmend Tunnel A6 in Thun was comprehensively refurbished and adapted to meet the current safety standards. With the MarkLED EXIT, GIFAS contributed a real highlight.

ASTRA, (Federal Roads Office - FEDRO), are considering the removal and replacement of the classical fire emergency lighting that is mounted to the tunnel wall. The previously used term will also be renamed to “escape route lighting”.

The aim is to direct road users to the emergency exit as quickly as possibly (exit doors / escape route tunnels etc.) in the event of a fire / incident in a tunnel.

Effectively combined

When the Allmend Tunnel was completely refurbished, it was decided to install the optical LED guidance system from GIFAS with combined escape route lighting. 

As leading manufacturer of optical guidance systems and the corresponding know-how, our newly tested MarkLED EXIT - was applied for the first time in this project.

The verge of the tunnel towards the roadside was fitted with the classical optical guidance system using the MarkLED4 module (double-sided with four white LEDs) and towards the tunnel wall the MarkLED EXIT module was used. In the case of emergency, four white high-performance LEDs can also be switched on for the purpose of escape route lighting. This guarantees sufficient lighting by means of additional reflection at the tunnel wall.


  • Cost saving thanks to the elimination of the classic fire emergency lighting
  • Tested and certified system, installation with the retention of the exit light functions in accordance with DIN 4102 part 12, protection class IP68