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Nov 9, 2018

Guidance and fire emergency light MarkLED EXIT

In normal operation, only the part of the marker light (optical guidance system) is in operation. During an incident, the EXIT part is switched on so that the escape route is sufficiently lit.

The MarkLED EXIT combines two tunnel safety lighting systems. It is a combination of guidance and fire emergency light. 

The two lighting systems of the MarkLED EXIT are housed in the same size as the normal MarkLED 4. With the MarkLED 4, the MarkLED EXIT also shares the technology for the marker light (optical guidance system).

The EXIT part has 4 high-power LEDs, emitting on both sides. They come with a special optical coating for safe lighting of escape routes. Optionally, the MarkLED EXIT can be installed in the shoulder or on the wall.

The system MarkLED EXIT with functional maintenance E30 / E60, tested according DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10 and based on DIN 4102-12.

In the FEDRO 13015 guideline, the function of the fire emergency lights is defined as follows: In the case of an incident, it must be ensured that the escape route in the traffic area is sufficiently visually perceived.

A separate fire emergency lighting is not required if this function can be taken over by the optical guidance system.
With this pioneering new development of the MarkLED EXIT, which combines the optical guidance system and the fire emergency lighting in one, a new dimension of economy is achieved.
In this execution, a second light source with focused radiation is integrated into the proven guidance system. This is only activated in case of an incident and immediately reaches its full brightness.


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