Customised solution New light accents at Flawil station square

Jun 23, 2020

Improved orientation for the passenger traffic

Clear traffic routing thanks to LED luminaires placed in the road surface and indirect illumination of the seating

Initial situation

Flawil Station plays a vital role as a regional public transport hub with rail and bus connections. However, the heavily used station square has seen better days and no longer meets today‘s requirements. For example, cars using the station square obstruct the buses. The existing bus stop also no longer meets contemporary standards. There is no suitable waiting area for passengers. 

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Technische Betriebe Flawil (LaneLED WALL) / GIFAS as the general contractor (TrafficLED)
  • Requirement: Improved orientation and a welcoming atmosphere at Flawil station square
  • Solution: TrafficLED / LaneLED WALL
  • Quantity: TrafficLED 8 distributed over approx. 2×4 m, light colour 5'600 K LaneLED WALL: 32 light elements of various lengths (0.188 m, 0.92 m, 1.49 m, light colour 3'000 K )

Customer benefits

  • unobtrusive lighting in the form of indirect illumination with the LaneLED WALL, which is embedded in the wood
  • improved orientation for the passenger traffic
  • indicate that unauthorised access to the bus station or station square is prohibited
  • increase the visibility of the traffic area 

Areas of application

  • cccent and safety lighting
  • private and public streets and paths


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