Customised solution Power column with lighting and an integrated security camera

Oct 29, 2020

Security camera mounted on ES-LED 160

Entrance area provided with good illumination and a security camera

Initial situation

The entrance to the house, which is surrounded by a brick wall, leads past a gate. The aim was to equip the entrance area with a security camera and lighting.

The ES-LED 160 complete solution enabled an installation of the camera and lighting of the entrance area. The power column was mounted on the existing brickwork and is now perfectly integrated in its surroundings.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Private house in Grub AR / Hochreutener Elektro AG in Grub AR
  • Requirement: Installation of a security camera including ambient light
  • Solution: Luminaire head, on ES 160 with a height of 600 mm
  • Quantity: 1

Customer benefits

  • direct mains connection (no power supply unit needed)
  • retrofit equipping possible
  • long lifetime
  • colour of the column to customer requirements
  • 360° light distribution

Areas of application

  • outdoor areas
  • entrances
  • walkway illumination
  • gardens