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Jun 26, 2019

Successfully tested system for preventing wildlife collisions

Every year, thousands of wild animals die on Swiss roads due to collisions with cars. Such collisions are also dangerous for people. The wildlife warning modules by GIFAS provide better safety.

To prevent this, wildlife warning modules, which can easily be retrofitted, are used worldwide. During the last 20 years, it could be demonstrated with statistics that accidents involving wildlife are on the rise. For these reasons, attempts have been made concurrently by various countries to permanently improve this situation. 

The best solution from an economic and maintenance perspective was found with the wildlife warning reflectors.

Wild warning - a simple concept 

These reflectors are mounted to existing reflector posts at distances of 20 m to 75 m and reflect the headlight of approaching cars (see schematic sketch).

This warns wildlife following their instincts, turning around or stopping. A very simple concept, shining with low installation and maintenance costs. As the light only reflects when a car approaches, no unnecessary light smog is caused. An optimal solution therefore also in this respect.

Depending on the type of game, reflectors of various colours are used, based on scientific tests. Depending on the installation site, accidents could be reduced by up to 60 %, which is appreciated not only from an animal welfare point of view, but also the costs to people and cars, following an accident, are reduced significantly. 

New from stock at GIFAS in the product range - wildlife warning reflectors in various colours. If required, we are happy to provide references.