Customised solution Swimming pool in the Mooshüsli public baths illuminated with DeltaLUXX

Mar 25, 2021

Complete illumination of swimming pool thanks to DeltaLUXX

Increase in safety for bathers

Initial situation

The existing swimming pool lighting had to be replaced by LED lighting. The whole pool should be illuminated down to the bottom to increase the safety of the swimmers without blinding them. The external conditions with very humid air and high chlorine content were another challenge. The DeltaLUXX is ideally suited for this owing to its standard Teflon coating and IP65 protection category. The luminaires were mounted in the technical equipment room behind the concrete wall using a custom-made assembly bracket.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Gemeinde Emmen, Niederberger Elektro AG
  • Requirement: Replacement of existing halogen lighting with LED spotlights
  • Solution: DeltaLUXX 150 W and 240 W
  • Quantity: 18×DeltaLUXX 240 W and 17×DeltaLUXX 150 W incl. special V4A stainless steel assembly bracket

Customer benefits

  • various system power ratings and beam angles available
  • high reliability and long service life
  • very attractive price-performance ratio
  • luminaires are mounted outside the pool, so they are therefore easy to access for maintenance
  • dirt-repellent PTFE surface coating

Areas of application

  • public baths
  • railway stations
  • halls
  • staircases
  • ways
  • hospitals
  • museum