Customised solution The latest generation of the MarkLED 4 – Schaffhausen road tunnel

Dec 18, 2018

Complete replacement of the optical guidance system with MarkLED4

Optical guidance system in the Fäsenstaub and Cholfirst tunnels and Galerie Schönenberg

Initial situation

The ageing optical guidance system (MarkLED 3) had to be replaced. We developed our new MarkLED 4 system as part of a continuous development process. This is also available combined with a fire emergency light as an option. The old installation was completely replaced with MarkLED 4 including new control units. Furthermore, TrafficLED units which can be driven over by traffic were also installed in the pre-zones.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: ASTRA Winterthur / Kummler + Matter AG
  • Requirement: Replacement of the optical guidance system
  • Solution: Complete replacement of the old installation wih MarkLED 4. The TrafficLED which can be driven over by traffic also installed in the pre-zones
  • Item no.: MarkLED 4 (Item no. 860247) and TrafficLED (Item no. 138244)
  • Quantity: 462 pieces MarkLED 4 and 30 pieces TrafficLED

Customer benefits

  • wide voltage range 16 - 48 VDC
  • protection category  IP68
  • individual components can be replaced
  • complex customer requirements and different areas of application can be implemented
  • manifold accessories

Areas of application

  • road tunnels, highways or main roads
  • underpasses
  • escape route lighting
  • boundaries between road users, also for use in railway tunnels with special designs as an option


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