Customised solution ToppLED-flashing curve warning system in the Spreitengraben tunnel

Apr 11, 2019

Chase effect-LED warning system for accident prevention

Increased safety provided by the new chase effect-LED warning system

Initial situation

Every year several accidents are caused by road users who misjudge the path of the tunnel. The luminosity and reliability of the existing curve warning system no longer met the requirements.
Thanks to LED technology, a highly visible, reliable and maintenance-free warning system for improved accident prevention was implemented with our ToppLED.
The length of the flashing warning system was extended from 10 to 30 m

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Bern civil and underground engineering office / GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH
  • Requirement: Replacement and extension of the existing system
  • Solution: Flashing curve warning system
  • Item no.: 190200 ToppLED orange
  • Quantity: 30×ToppLED und 1×control unit

Customer benefits

  • improved visibility, fewer accidents as a result of good signalling
  • no technical maintenance requirements thanks to long-life LED luminaires and non-wearing semiconductor switching technology
  • low energy consumption
  • Luminaire variants: Running light 1 to 5 luminaires; all luminaires are continuously lit; all luminaires flash synchronously
  • stepless adjustment of the flashing speed in all variants
  • flexible local operation

Areas of application

  • Tunnel
  • Optical guidance systems of all types

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