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Jun 16, 2017


Traffic calming and city structuring through the placement of retractable bollards in Lugano.

Initial situation

The biggest city in the canton Ticino has over 63’000 inhabitants and is a lakesidetown with awonderful historicdowntownthatattractsthousands of tourists every year. In course of time Lugano changed a lot, the rustic characterized city is now a popular congress city. The traffic situation gets more and more complicated due to increasing traffic and tourism. The pedestrian zone is now isolated with the GIFAS retractable bollardsystem and the access for vehicles is controlled. Likewise it gives more safety for the luxury boutiques.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: City Lugano/Kummler + Matter
  • Requirement: More security for pedestrians, controlled entry to historic downtown
  • Solution: 26 retractable bollards, inkl. all control units, complete delivery
  • Item no.: 
  • Quantity: 26

Customer benefits

  • our retractable bollard is electrical and not hydraulic or pneumatic, what prevents de need of a center.
  • environmentally friendly because there are no oil residues in the earth-source
  • easy and fast installation
  • exchanging of retractable bollard is easy (30 min)
  • sole provider on market
  • lots of specific possibilities of programming

Areas of application

  • public places
  • access roads


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