News Well lit

Jun 3, 2019

The industrial work of today is characterised by requirements on work productivity, continuous improvements and competitiveness.

The GIFAS team demonstrates what is important and offers impressive lighting concepts.

Apart from the people and machinery, the periphery of the production environment has also developed and impacts on factory planning, for instance when choosing the appropriate LED hall lighting. To create the best possible viewing and working conditions, the lighting must show  a specific resistance to moisture and dust, absorb vibrations and shock and it must also be designed for higher temperature fluctuation or correspond to special standards.

"Expectations placed on the LED lighting are also high: from energy efficiency and economic viability, via safety as well as standard compliance, to adaptability.


LED technology

The new high bay light type DeltaLUXX by GIFAS impresses with its design and functionality. The efficient thermal management of this hall luminaire, which ensures sustained sufficient cooling also in areas with high exposure of dirt and dust, assists the state-of-the-art and efficient LED technology in its service life of at least 80,000 hours. 

Based on high-performance LEDs, DeltaLUXX demonstrates its enormous lighting efficiency particularly in areas that are difficult to illuminate and that require high light points. With an external diameter of 450 millimetres, 180 high-end LEDs and high-quality individual optics with various different illumination characteristics, they can be used in halls with a height of up to 25 metres. 

With its die-cast aluminium housing, a special PTFE non-stick coating for reduced accumulation of dust and dirt, a pressure equalising membrane as well as the use of toughened safety glass, the light performs reliably in surrounding temperatures of up to +60° C.

The DeltaLUXX is available in 150 W, 200 W and 240 W, we also use exclusively high-end SMD LEDs from renowned manufacturers, which are optimally coordinated in terms of light quality, service life, luminous colour as well as efficiency level. The neutral-white luminous colour of 5,000 K and the good colour rendering index of Ra above 80 correspond to the maximum vision by humans in daylight and the therefore best detail resolution.