BodyLED safety lamp, yellow/yellow, incl. USB-C charging cable and attachment system

Item no. 860987


Power supply Lithium polymer rechargeable battery: 500mAh (1'500 to 3'000 charging cycles)
Charging time 0.4h
Luminous period – blinking mode:
– MAX: 1.30h
– high: 2.15h
– middle: 4.15h
– low: > 11h
– full light:
– MAX: 0.25h
– high: 0.30h
– middle: 0.50h
– low: 6h
Protection rating IP67
Equipment 11xLED (colours depend on the version)
Case material Reinforced glass fibre polycarbonate with integrated magnetic attachment system
Temperature range -40°C up to +110°C
Dimensions 53x45x23mm (B x H x T)
weight 57g
Characteristics - visibility from very long distances – up to 3 kilometres due to high-power LEDs, 360° illumination
- discrete work light function – single red LED mode for low-light environment (no glare)
- four different brightness settings – low, medium, high and MAX
- SOS light function
- rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB-C cable
- battery charge level - indication at the touch of a button
- integrated magnetic attachment system – the neodymium magnet and magnetic clip (included)
can be attached to almost any surface
- intermittent flashing or continuous light – the front and back of the light can also be used
simultaneously or separately
- independent light control – 4 different control buttons which provide a variety of lighting options,
including an emergency (flash) mode
- protection class IP67 – resistant to water, dust and shocks
Flammability rating UL746B, UL94
Magnet type Neodym, 9 kg tensile strength (IRON BORON GRADE NB42MAGNETS)
  • Sichtbarkeit aus sehr grossen Entfernungen – bis zu 5 Kilometer Sichtbarkeit durch
    Hochleistungs-LEDs, 360° Ausleuchtung – diskrete Arbeitslichtfunktion – einzelner
    roter LED-Modus für schwache beleuchtete Umgebung (keine Blendung)
  • vier verschiedene Helligkeitseinstellungen – niedrig, mittel, hoch und MAX
  • SOS-Lichtfunktion
  • wiederaufladbarer Lithium-Ionen-Akku mit USB-C Kabel