Cable TITANEX HAR - H07 RN-F 2x1.5mm², black RAL 9005, external-Ø 11.0mm

Item no. 036791


Voltage 450V / 750V
Cores/coat Cu-flex (VDE 0295 cl. 5); rubber isolation type 14/ rubber outer casing; type EM2, according HD22 (crosslinked elastomer); (VDE 0282)
Bending radius 3-4xD (D=Ø of cable)
Weight kg/100m 11.10 kg
Strand structure (quantity x mm) 32 x 0.25
Testing voltage 2'500V / 50Hz
Code HD 308 S2 bl, br
Cross-section x mm² 2 x 1.5
Cable Titanex
Temperature range moves: -35°C to +90°C inactive: -60°C to +90°C short-term: up to +200°C
Colour black
External diameter 11.00 mm
Characteristics The industry cable TITANEX has an exceptional flexibility and unmatched durability. It further has a high chemical resistance to oils and fats - even in a basic or acid environment. Also TITANEX absolutely impermeable and can
therefore easily be used for the subsea installation.

Flexible cables, control and spiral cable, Crane lift lines, intrinsically safe, or with potential compensation, hospital cable, from H05 VV-F, H07 RN-F to H07 BQ-F.

Power cables, extension cables, or extensions with a small distribution with hospital-socket, large standard range of products in various lengths and styles, also available with customer print.