LED helmet torch explosion-proof, zone 0 incl. 4 batteries 1.5V/LR03-AAA and helmet-clip

Item no. 143697


Light output 135 lm
Lamps LED
Operating time 30h
weight 145g
ATEX certificate LOM 12ATEX2004 Ex ia IIC T4 Ga Ex ia IIIC T85°C Da
Battery Alkali batteries 4x AAA
Characteristics - When the light is switched on, the LED flashes to indicate the
remaining lighting time of up to 4 h - a significant safety criterion for
rescue services
- The second button press activates the sensor in energy saving
mode. This reduces the lighting intensity according to the lightness/
darkness of the surroundings.
- Head made of fluorescent plastic
- Enclosure made of antistatic thermoplastic – resistant to mechanical
loads, extreme temperatures and chemicals; protection class IP67
- Can be adapted to Gallet/Casco/Bullard helmets, for example
Protection rating IP54
Length 150.00 mm
Width 44.00 mm
Depth 44.00 mm
Case material Plastic