MarkLED 4 light module with current collector pre-mounted, 60mA / 4x white 5'100K / 4x red 625nm

Item no. 860561


Guidance system type MarkLED
Light colour white
Colour temperature 5300 K
Luminosity 50 cd
Power consumption 60mA
Property to may drive over to 5t (slow traffic with air-filled tyres)
Temperature resistence -40°C to +55°C
Protection class III
Protection rating IP68
Height 18.00 mm
Diameter 110.00 mm
Height over road surface level 20.00 mm
Material upper part Polycarbonate nano coadet
Colour upper part transparent
  • cable-guiding system with current carried through direct connections
  • nano coated, dirt-repellent
  • within the limits for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • state-of-the-art LED technology
  • high energy efficiency, the power consumption is extremely low
  • we are able to meet the regulations set forth by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST-Germany) which also apply to us and other countries



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