MarkLED EXIT light module with current collector Guidance: 30mA / double-sided 4×white, 5'600K
Emergency: 180mA@48 VDC / 4×white, 5'900K

Item no. 860327


Guidance system type MarkLED
Light colour white
Colour temperature 5300 K
Luminosity 50 cd
Power consumption 30mA
Property to may drive over to 5t (slow traffic with air-filled tyres)
Temperature resistence -40°C to +55°C
Protection class III
Protection rating IP68
Diameter 110.00 mm
Height over road surface level 21.50 mm
Material upper part Polycarbonate nano coadet
Colour upper part transparent

The MarkLED EXIT combines two tunnel safety lighting systems. It is a combination of guidance and fire emergency light. 

  • compact and robust form
  • double-sided with four white LEDs as optical guidance system in direction of traffic and in opposite direction
  • fire emergency lighting turned against the wall with four white LEDs