Power column ES 100, anodised aluminium Height 390mm, 3xT13 IP55

Item no. 228052


Characteristics Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

IP54 protection for ceramic and tiled floors which are wet-cleaned; data and telephone combinations can be built in, also low voltage combinations, data processing modules, as well as control and signaling devices;

Colour (painting or anodization) can be selected;

Corrosion-resistant and extremely robust.
Protection rating IP65
Width 100.00 mm
Depth 50.00 mm
Height 390.00 mm
Media electricity
Material aluminium
Colour colourless anodised
Attachment material 4 screwsa V2A DIN 7991.M5.30.VA
Input plug T13
Equipment 3x T13
  • built to accommodate all standard programs
  • suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications
  • the ideal solution for power distribution in factories and manufacturing facilities
  • best requirements for use in outdoor areas, thanks to the corrosion resistance and the extremely high durability

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