Power column ES 230, aluminium anodised Height 1'100mm, 2xT23, 1xT25, 2xCEE 16/5,
1xCEE 32/5, 2x compressed air

Item no. 190683


Depth 150.00 mm
Width 230.00 mm
Height 1100.00 mm
Material aluminium
Media compressed air
compressed air
Protection rating IP65
Colour colourless anodised
Attachment material 4 screwsa V2A DIN 7991.M8.35.A2
4 brass dowels
Input plug T23
CEE 16/5
CEE 16/5
CEE 32/5
Equipment 2x T23
1x T25
2x CEE 16/5
1x CEE 32/5
2x Air
Characteristics The ES 230 is available up to a height of 5'900 mm and can be bored and equipped individually according to customer wishes

- the columns are generally equipped with floor panel and connection terminals
- a baffle plate is inserted to separate various electrical circuits
  • built to accommodate all standard programs
  • suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications
  • the ideal solution for power distribution in factories and manufacturing facilities
  • best requirements for use in outdoor areas, thanks to the corrosion resistance and the extremely high durability