Small hard rubber distributor box type 2612, black, 2612.4251511.M20/1

Item no. 092889


Type 2612
Input cable glands M20
Output plug T23
CEE 16/5
Length 260.00 mm
Width 120.00 mm
Depth 75.00 mm
Line protection / personal safety max. 16A
Attachment 4 internal, separated assembly channels for wall mounting
Colour black
Protection rating IP44
Material solid rubber

The mobile wall-mounted distribution boxes range was designed for more complex, temporary construction sites. Varied component fitting options, robust casing design and a design matched to fit the application are the main features of this range.

With the mobile wall-mounted distribution boxes from Gifas-Electric you get a long and durable service life with low maintenance requirements, even under the most extreme conditions. All requirements in terms of safety are also met in full.