SpotLED 24 silver-grey, cool white, Spot 500mA/24VDC, with 5m cable
black 3x0.25mm²

Item no. 039643


Voltage 24VDC (Range 12-30VDC)
Power consumption 500mA@24VDC, 950mA@12VDC
Lamps 5 Power LED à 3W
Optics 5x10°
Case colour silver-grey
Material Aluminium die cast
Supply line Cable PUR 3x0.25mm², black, 5m (without plug)
Characteristics Small spotlight in modern design; Housing made of die cast aluminum; Available in three housing colours: white, silver, black; Brackets made of stainless steel V2A, powder-coated; Light source: 5 Power-LED, each 3 W;
Various beam angles (different optics); Works perfect even at low temperatures, no flickering; Temperature range -30°C up to +45°C; Dimming with potentiometer possible (500 kOhm positive logarithmic); Thanks to vibration-proof LED technology, the maintenance costs are
lower than with conventional lighting
Model spot
Performance 5x3W
Light output 750 lm
Protection class III
Colour temperature 6000 K
Weight 0.35 kg
Length 93.00 mm
Width 62.00 mm
Height 81.50 mm
Protection rating IP67
Light colour cool white

With the optimized LED floodlit spotlight-series FlutLED2, GIFAS offers a lighting system for a wide usage of applications. Through the high quality made of pressure cast-ing aluminum cooling-element and the durable powder coated surface treatment, the spotlight are made out very solid. The FlutLED2 spotlight is for all fields suitable, where a plane basic illumination required is. The spotlight is with a retaining bracket equipped, which a wall-, selling- and floor installation ad-mits.


Spare part

Spare glass (assembly),
polycarbonate transparent
Item no. 152996