GIFAS-World - Homestead


For the green oase around the home we offer everything from one source. Optimizing, combine, lighting and saving is a breeze with our products.

To enchant the garden with light
Effective lighting for arranged light emphasise on ornamental bush, groves, facades or near the water with modular or pluggable VisuLED HOME. The easy do-it-yourself installation doesn’t need any expertise and can be realized by itself.

Customized power supply
The power supply is ensured with the elegant energy column made out of aluminium or with the surface mounted floor socket outlet Fontino.

Controlled driveway
Retractable obstacles become more and more popular to keep free or rope off certain driveways or areas. The retractable bollards from GIFAS offers there real advantages.

Optimal safety
The hand rail system LaneLED INOX with integrated lighting ensures an optimal safety and brings out the wonderful architectonical main points.