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Jul 2, 2019

Le Châble railway station with illuminated handrails LaneLED INOX42 by GIFAS

Directly to the standard gauge cable car of the international ski area in Verbier. Also here, GIFAS is providing convincing solutions.

Le Châble train station was opened last November after a construction period of only two years (2016 - 2018) and has received a completely new look, while the entire railway infrastructure was taken underground with a 270 m long gallery.

To start with, it is offering a direct transport link between train, bus and standard gauge cable car. Furthermore, the line was designed in such a way that it can also be used by double-decker rail wagons of the SBB at a later stage.

With this new construction, priority was given to the implementation of the new safety requirements for train access as well as the needs of persons with restricted mobility. 

All from one provider

Whether the client is approaching us with a simple project or complex ideas, we cater for individual needs and actively support the client with our expertise and experience.

Our expert advice formed the basis for a complete solution also in this project, and as an all-rounder, we can draw from an abundance of resources with our broad portfolio.

The handrail LaneLED INOX42 was used as basic lighting in the underpass as well as the stairways. The energy-efficient lighting guides the traveller safely through the railway station. 

The combination of handrail with integrated LED light strip offers many advantages, for instance the benefit of safety thanks to the illumination of the steps as well as sustainable cost savings in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

In addition, combined with the use of concrete, stainless steel is providing an elegant look.

After Sembrancher, Le Châble is the second regional train station along the route of the RER Valais, that has been fitted with GIFAS lighting and other creations.



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