Company development

GIFAS Switzerland has grown continuously since its foundation in 1978 and currently employs 119 people in the sales, technology, administration and production departments. Thanks to investment in quality assurance, process optimisation and product development, GIFAS is able to bring innovative and modern developments to market.

119 employees

It is with great pleasure that we record the highest number of employees with 119 persons.


New manufacturing concept according to Kaizen

The ten new jobs at our production facility in Rheineck are intended to shorten throughput times and consequently increase overall productivity.

  • fast and uncomplicated availability of assembly materials
  • increase in work safety
  • shortened throughput times
  • health promotion measures: height-adjustable work table, rubber mat

Successful ISO re-certification

We are pleased about the successful renewal of our ISO certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 50001 


Thanks for 40 years of GIFAS

We look back with pride on what we have achieved at GIFAS in the last 40 years. We would like to thank the business partners who place their trust in us and with whom we have had excellent relationships for many years.


We are committed to our environment

We foster a continuous improvement process, and have received the ISO Certificate 14001 for Environmental Management as well as the OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and

safety management. 


Market launch of in-house developed LED lights

We are implementing other in-house developments in the field LED illumination with AlphaLUXX, BetaLUXX and DeltaLUXX according to our slogan “Systematic quality”. 


Product innovations are pushed forward

By setting up and expanding the product management in the in-house development department, we are strengthening the quality management and increasing our innovative capability. 


Yves Rödiger takes over the business management

After more than thirty years, Edwin Hasler is passing on the management responsibility into younger hands, i.e. Yves Rödiger is taking over the management.


TorchLED becomes the new Swiss Army torch light

GIFAS has been awarded a contract for the new army torch light. TorchLED is a new light-intense and easy-to-handle LED torch light accompanying the Swiss army every day. 


GIFAS grows - 100 employees

We have cracked the 25M sales mark. About 100 employees stand up for this successful result every day.  We are very busy devising individual solutions in the LED field and are transforming from a mere product supplier to a full-service provider of mature system solutions - everything from one source.


Goal: Export

We are reaching out our antennas to the export market. A congress and exhibition centre in Qatar is equipped with 144 type Campetto underfloor distribution systems.


LED guidance systems mark the course of lane

We are developing LED road studs to be used as optical guidance system for safe traffic routing. Thus, a new business area is opening up - we are gaining a foothold in the tunneling field.



By means of the in-house development of the FlashLED hand-held lamp, an innovative and very successful product has been created.


Energy from the ground and a column

A lot of manpower is being invested in the underfloor distribution system and power column product innovations. A diverse assortment is being established.


Quality assurance according to ISO 9001

The quality management system is being introduced as a sustainable instrument for process optimisation and quality assurance; we have been re-certified in conformity with ISO 9001. 


The NIV-terminal box is developed

The development of the construction junction box (NIV distributor) has been launched and is developing into a long runner.


GIFAS is developing into a supplier for individually tailored customer solutions. The construction site cabinet product group is being expanded and optimised.


Move to Rheineck

The new company building with a floor space of 1,400 sqm is completed. Sixteen employees are moving into the new company building at Dietrichstrasse in Rheineck.


Foundation of GIFAS-ELECTRIC Switzerland

GIFAS-ELECTRIC Switzerland is founded and is starting business activities with ten employees at the registered office in Rorschach. 

1966 - 1967

Foundation of GIFAS-ELECTRIC Italy and Austria

The companies in Italy and Austria are founded.


The foundation

In Germany, W.J. Gröninger establishes GIFAS. The company name consists of the initial letters of Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland, in which W.J. Gröninger wants to set up other companies according to his founding vision. 

The raw material of caoutchouc, i.e. the sap of the rubber plant, has been used during the founding years already as the basis for the production of our plug connections and power distribution boxes, which has remained up to this day.

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