News Explosion-proof thanks to GIFAS

Jun 3, 2019

In many industrial businesses, there are potentially explosive areas with high-risk workplaces

Not only personal protection is important, but uninterrupted and failure-free operation must also be ensured in such sensitive areas.

This is where the safety technology and safety equipment that has been tested accordingly is used in the electrotechnical sector, to prevent maximum damage to persons and plants in case of emergency.

In-house development cable reel type 573

For this sophisticated area of application, apart from its power distributors and technical lights, GIFAS is also known for its well-organised range of ATEX-tested products.

In addition to products such as plug connectors, linear luminaires or spring-driven cable reels, we now also have LED spotlights and a remoulded cable reel type 573 in the assortment and thus supplement the commercial range with additional self-produced articles.

This cable reel is a high-quality product that has been developed in-house, is manufactured exclusively and fully at the Rheineck site and has successfully passed the ATEX certification at the beginning of the year.

We attach great importance to best quality and high-class materials for all our services and products. All explosion-proof brands are boasting the required tests and can score with the best references. 

As part of our product range, GIFAS is also providing ATEX products from Eaton, Stahl, Appleton and Maréchal. 



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