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Mar 28, 2019

Kerb markers

The road reflector is designed to improve the visibility of kerbs in roundabouts, traffic islands and left-turn lanes.

The glass means that the reflection remains constant for many years. As soon as a vehicle approaches, the light strikes the kerb markers and is reflected back to the light source. The driver can therefore easily see the course of the lane. They can also be installed at an inclination angle of up to 40°.


The kerb markers from GIFAS are perfect for the visual support of traffic obstructions or barriers! Such objects include:

  • roundabouts / traffic islands
  • kerbs
  • filter lanes
  • edges and / or bends with a tight radius


  • omnidirectional retro-reflection
  • shape suits all kerb types (max.slope 40°)
  • tempered glass for a long product life and stable lighting efficiency over time
  • different colours available

Kerb markers

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