Customised solution LaneLED INOX42 – Handrail «Xundheitszentrum»

Jun 16, 2017

Illuminated handrail in the entrance area

The illuminated handrail makes visiting the "Xundheitszentrum" medical centre easier for all age groups.

Initial situation

The entrance area ramp was poorly illuminated and safe access to the «Xundheitszentrum» was difficult, especially in the winter.

The objective was the construction of a safe and illuminated entrance area. The handrail makes the ramp more visible and allows older patients to enter and exit safely. It also helps prevent slip hazard durig winter.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Wenger+Wirz in collaborazione con Bach Metallbau
  • Requirement: Illumination for the barrierfree entrance without bollard and candelabra
  • Solution: LaneLED INOX42
  • Item no.: 
  • Quantity: ca. 21m

Customer benefits

  • Improved safety in the dark
  • Protection against tripping
  • age and weather-resistant
  • slim, timeless design
  • new construction of the health centre «Xundheitszentrum» according to the latest guidelines for public buildingsnance required

Areas of application

  • Underpasses and overpasses in railway stations
  • Escape route and emergency staircases
  • Decorative applications in office or exhibition wings
  • Private and public buildings and ways


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