Customised solution Le Châble underground railway station equipped with GIFAS lighting

May 20, 2019

The LED floodlight provides efficient illumination of the railway station

Optimum illumination with DeltaLUXX, LaneLED WALL and LaneLED INOX42

Initial situation

The safety standards were no longer compliant at the old station. Access for persons with reduced mobility also had to be improved.
The new construction of the underground station with a length of approx. 300 m meant that optimum illumination became a serious issue. Our DeltaLUXX, LaneLED WALL and the LaneLED INOX42 handrail enabled all the requirements to be met.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: TMR SA - Infrastructure Travaux Martigny / Ing. Emeltec Martigny
  • Requirement: Lighting and handrails for the railway station
  • Solution: Ceiling lighting DeltaLUXX / Stairway and walkway lighting LaneLED Wall and LaneLED INOX42
  • Item no.: DeltaLUXX (Item no. 800210) / LaneLED WALL / LaneLED INOX42
  • Quantity: 100× DeltaLUXX / 300 m LaneLED WALL / 200 m LaneLED INOX42

Customer benefits

  • all three lighting systems from the same supplier
  • Support by GIFAS with measurement and a detailed quotation
  • latest LED technology

Areas of application

  • railway stations
  • halls
  • staircases
  • ways
  • hospitals
  • museum
  • walkway illumination



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