Customised solution Platform lighting with LaneLED WALL

Jun 18, 2020

Unobtrusive, simple installation on the roof construction with high luminosity

Dimmable, shadow-free illumination with a central monitoring point

Initial situation

Spital Zollikerberg station of Forchbahn AG has been extensively refurbished. The station had to be provided with adequate illumination via ceiling-mounted lighting to improve the safety and comfort of waiting passengers.  

As little light pollution as possible, only a few feeding points, a central control system and easy installation were part of the specification, which was complied with to the full extent.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Forchbahn AG / Melcom AG
  • Requirement: Illumination of the station with homogeneous continuous LED ceiling lighting, dimmable, with light values of 50-120Lux
  • Solution: LaneLED WALL  type 11, 4'400 Kelvin
  • Quantity: approx. 145 m of LaneLED, incl. power supplies and mounting material

Customer benefits

  • homogeneous, glare-free and dimmable LED lighting
  • easy and quick installation
  • long illumination sections per power supply unit are made possible through special LED technology
  • maintenance free
  • all components deliverable as spare parts

Areas of application

  • Platform and tunnel lighting for public transport facilities at stops and stations
  • additional tunnel lighting