Customised solution Produced locally - used worldwide

Jul 1, 2019

Thanks to our power distributors electrical power is available everywhere and without complicated installations!

Our electricity distribution cabinets can be found all over the world in many different industry sectors. They are used wherever durability, resistance and robustness are important.

A good example for this are our resistant and vandal-proof recessed and surface mounted distribution cabinets, where we attach great importance on a mechanically robust design and electrical safety.

Free-standing, wall-mounted or recessed, we use exclusively quality housing made of steel - guaranteeing a faultless and low-maintenance operation.

For interior use, a steel plate housing is sufficient, for exterior areas we recommend A2 stainless steel executions.

They are also ideally suited for areas of application with specific hygienic regulations such as, for example, in the food or chemicals industry. The V4A and IP69 versions are most commonly used for these purposes.

Likewise, our surface or recessed mounted distribution cabinets also leave nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility and adaptability. With the modular system, our switchgear assemblies made of hard rubber can be combined with electrotechnical components.

There are no limits to individual solutions regarding dimensions, components or other connections to water, compressed air and audio/video mountings, and with a variety of surface colours, the corporate design can also be taken into account.

Other benefits and services

  • Prior clarification on site
  • tailor-made solution
  • equipped by the expert - directly to operation
  • can also be used with the door closed
  • low-maintenance and low running costs
  • replaces expensive temporary installations
  • Supply of spare parts guaranteed