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Aug 15, 2023

Well cared for in the SwissLife Arena, the new home of the ZSC Lions

Discreet and reliable power supply for sporting events

Initial situation

With the newly built SwissLife Arena, ZSC Lions have received a real «magnificent cave» as their new home.
The power supply was, of course, also of crucial importance in the planning and execution. In close cooperation with the electrical planner, various electrical distributions tailored to the specific needs were realised, which do not leave anyone in the lurch and always provide the necessary energy.

General information

  • End customer: SwissLife Arena, Zürich-Altstetten
  • Installation: ElektroLife AG, Urdorf
  • Electrical planning: enerpeak ag, Dübendorf
  • Requirement: reliable and discreet power supply on all floors
  • Solution: various custom-made designs for surface-mounted and recessed-mounted V2A distributiohn boxes,
    underfloor distributors, floor socket outlets
  • Article: will be gladly announced on request
  • Quantity: 4 Surface mounted cabinets, 16 Recessed mounted cabinets, 1 underfloor distributor system
    CAMPETTO, 4 floor socket outlets FONTO
  • Equipment: varying; 230 V / 400 V connections, PowerSAFE 1-pole high-current plug connection, fuse protection,
    reserve spaces for on-site installations (e.g. transmission technology)

Customer benefits

  • Low-maintenance and well integrated power distribution in V2A quality
  • Customised designs, also for small quantities, can be realised
  • Spare parts availability guaranteed
  • Expert advice and assistance throughout the entire process, pointing out options and references
  • Creation of technical drawings for control/approval to ensure planning reliability and minimise errors

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