ES-LED luminaire head, 4'200K for ES 160 alu column

Item no. 860409


Characteristics – direct mains supply connection (no power supply unit needed)
– 360° light distribution
– can be used for the entire GAS 160 range
– retrofit equipping possible
– 2 light colour variants available
– high light efficiency
– low power consumption
– long lifetime
– vibration-resistant
– immediate light output
– Light unit made from solid PMMA material, therefore extremely robust
Protection rating IP54
Width 170.00 mm
Depth 120.00 mm
Height 93.00 mm
Light colour cool white
Colour temperature 4000 K
  • Floor Panel 210 x 160 mm
  • the big brother of the ES 100
  • can be equipped on all four sides
  • distinguished by ist very sturdy design
  • ideal for applications with many connections and various options, especially in industrial and operational facilities
  • we also have several types of the ES 160
  • due to the height of the columns, the equipments and specific solutions, we would be glad to work together with you

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