Mission statement

GIFAS-ELECTRIC supports sustainable and efficient energy use and attaches importance to transparent communication and a reliable working relationship with employees and partners.

Our customers and markets

Our customers are the focus of our entire business operation and their requirements and needs guide us. This allows us to bring innovation and creativity to the market. We provide an extensive standard range of electrotechnical products, which allow us to develop customer-specific solutions. We efficiently meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible. Customer focus, market-oriented product quality, process control within the company and remaining up to date with the constantly evolving market situations are important aces in the deck for our company's daily battles against the competition. To us, quality, environmental and occupational safety/health management are management tasks. In this respect, energy management system contributes to the systematic implementation of efficient energy use.Using safety indicators, key performance parameters, audits and objectives, we evaluate and optimise our processes on a continuous basis and focus on constant improvement; as a result, the production in our company runs smoothly.

Our employees

We are a solid, medium-sized company that demands, encourages and rewards excellent employee performances and exemplary conduct from our managers. We attach great importance to our employees' initial and further training and foster an environment that encourages open and straightforward communication. The principles of non-discrimination and equality apply to all employees.

As a manufacturing enterprise with high quality standards, it is only natural that we do our very best to ensure resource-preserving environmental sustainability as well as the occupational safety and health protection of our employees.

Our partners and suppliers

We seek and cultivate dependable, sustainable partnerships, because these play an important role in the success of our company. During the selection process, we are consciously considering regional providers and suppliers.

We are fair, reliable and respectful in all of our interactions.

We evaluate the products and services of our suppliers with regard to quality and safety, and encourage them to manage their company in a sustainable manner.

Our investors / stakeholders

Our investments are sustainable and are carried out with full awareness of the risks involved; the right investments allow us to consolidate and expand our operational activities. We focus on economically efficient products and market activities. We are aware of our importance to various stakeholder groups and pay due attention to their wishes.

Authorities / public

We ensure that our company rigorously complies with the requisite legal guidelines without any form of restriction, and that resources and energy are handled with the necessary care. We prevent and minimise noise emissions, as well as air, water and soil emissions. 

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