Mission statement

GIFAS-ELECTRIC supports sustainable and efficient energy use and attaches importance to transparent communication and a reliable working relationship with employees and partners.

Designing together! Our customers and partners are at the centre of our entire business relationship. We consistently focus on their needs and wishes. This results in customised products and intelligent solutions for the electrical engineering market. We are characterised by reliability, quality and flexibility.


As a Swiss manufacturing company, we are flexible and authentic. We can react quickly to changes. We maintain an open corporate culture with mutual appreciation. Because motivated and well-trained employees are our most important potential.

Quality & reliability

You can rely on us. We stand for Swiss quality and only use high-quality materials for our products, resulting in durable products for maximum customer benefit. We continuously optimise our processes and consistently focus on quality.


Personal contact and long-standing business relationships are very important to us. We actively support our customers and maintain strong partnerships that are beneficial for both sides. We are reliable and fair and provide a first-class service.

Responsibility & efficiency

We want to grow sustainably and solidly. As a local manufacturing company, we see quality, environmental and occupational safety management as a leadership task. It is a matter of course for us to fulfil the high standards of safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency and to integrate services, systems, products and workplaces into this process.


We turn good ideas into customised solutions and continuously develop our products. All of this is based on the premise of producing high-quality products in accordance with the latest technologies and legal requirements. This generates sustainable added value and new fields of utilisation.

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