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Guiding pedestrians and cyclists safely through the traffic

The constant increase in the amount of traffic on the roads also means that the requirements for the safety of road users increase. Special LED guidance systems ensure that the traffic flows safely, especially when darkness falls.

Illumination of cycle and footpaths

Owing to its sturdy, weatherproof material, the LaneLED WALL Lighting System is optimally suitable for outdoor use, e.g. for illuminating cycle or footpaths. 

The LED luminaire MarkLED can be driven over and is also available in orange. The LED lighting provides pedestrian crossings with an auxiliary marking so that they can be seen by drivers from a good distance and also in gloomy weather conditions. 

  • LaneLED INOX42
  • LaneLED WALL
  • MarkLED
  • Cable crossovers


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Cable crossovers

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